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De wetenschap als basis

Beide Tandarts-Specialisten vinden de wisselwerking tussen zorg en wetenschap uitermate belangrijk en combineren daarom hun consultaties in Zottegem met wetenschappelijk onderzoek aan de Universiteit Gent.

Het onderzoek van Prof. Dr. Jan Cosyn en Prof. Dr. Thomas De Bruyckere is voornamelijk gericht op het optimaliseren van implantaatbehandelingen en resulteerde inmiddels in 140 internationale publicaties die men kan raadplegen via PubMed.

Publication on PubMed

PubMed 140

EAO Position Paper: Immediate Implant Placement: Managing Hard and Soft Tissue Stability from

In this position paper, the state of the art in immediate implant placement (IIP) at incisor-cuspid-premolar sites is described. The literature supports that the following prerequisites need to be simultaneously met for a predictable outcome: (1) there must be no acute infection; (2) there must be

The Effect of Terra-Cortril as Local Pain Medication on the Healing Process of a Fresh

(1) Background: Use of Terra-Cortril may reduce pain and discomfort after tooth extraction. It is widely used among dentists, especially for third molar extraction and for treatment of dry socket. Only few case reports described unsuccessful healing with formation of myospherulosis. (2) Aim: The

Prevention and treatment of peri-implant diseases-The EFP S3 level clinical practice guideline.

The recently published Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) for the treatment of stages I-IV periodontitis provided evidence-based recommendations for treating periodontitis patients, defined according to the 2018 classification. Peri-implant diseases were also re-defined in the 2018 classification.

A prospective case series on the efficacy of a cross-linked collagen matrix to increase buccal

The objective of this study is to assess profilometric changes following soft tissue augmentation with a cross-linked porcine-derived collagen matrix (CMX) at large edentulous gaps of at least two units.

A Multi-Centre Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Connective Tissue Graft with Collagen

(1) Aim: a cross-linked porcine-derived collagen matrix (CMX) has been developed for soft tissue augmentation. Although this grafting material does not require a second surgical site, recent findings have indicated deeper pockets, more marginal bone loss and more midfacial recession in the short